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“I’m John Butler, and after 20 years as a mediation attorney, I have developed a specific process to help couples who have decided divorce is the only solution to their situation.  It is called Virtual Divorce Mediation, and I offer this process to couples across the United States.

My process allows couples to reach a settlement without having to meet face-to-face in an office or even speak with one another. They do not even need to appear in Court. I work with both parties in a confidential, cost-effective manner using the phone and the Internet.

This approach removes much of the friction and emotions that  hamper effective discussions. Plus, it saves time and thousands of dollars as opposed to the traditional, court-centered process.

Having spoken at seminars on conflict resolution, trained other attorneys in mediation, and worked intimately with many hundreds of clients, I am convinced my Virtual Mediation process represents the next step for divorcing couples. Isn’t it time you looked into how Virtual Mediation might work for you? “

Consider the Benefits Of My Virtual
Divorce Mediation Process

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Why rely on a Judge to make decisions for you when you can use mediation to empower yourself to make the best decisions for you and your family? Structure your divorce the way you want it.

When children are involved, mediation is far superior to litigation because you can customize the visitation plan. Compliance and cooperation are proven to be much higher when the parties craft their own plan.

Many divorce attorneys make their money by escalating conflict and encouraging litigation. I am committed to helping couples ameliorate the trauma and cost of their divorce.

My service is much less confrontational, with no need to go to Court or argue face to face throughout the process.

From your own home, you can use virtual divorce mediation to resolve your case. This allows you to access the services of a profoundly skilled mediator with years of front-line experience. In my virtual online practice you do not need to go to Court—everything is handled outside of the Courthouse.

In addition, in my practice we can use conference calls rather than face-to-face meetings to resolve matters. We use email to share documents when needed. You don’t have to come to an office to fill out or review legal forms because we do it all virtually.

You no longer need to pay a large upfront fee or big retainer to hire an attorney with an expensive office and high overhead to get your divorce. My services are pay as you go and a-la-carte.
Nor do you need to settle for a local “Jack-of-all-Trades” lawyer who does a few divorce cases a year to get your divorce.

I have successfully helped hundreds of couples work through the details of their divorce. Mediation is my primary service and divorce mediation is my specialty.

Steps in My Virtual
Divorce Mediation Process

  • Setting up the process I speak with each party over the phone, either together or separately according to their preference. I answer any questions they have about the process and my expertise as applied to their case. The parties each decide they would like to try mediation, and they are choosing me as their mediator. I send both parties, via email, our mediation retainer agreement which describes the scope of matters to be resolved. It also explains confidentiality, my hourly fees and other minor details. Both parties sign and return it.

    They send, via an electronic bank transfer service such as PayPal, Google Wallet or similar service, the initial retainer for one mediation session. My services are a la cart. We then schedule the first session.

  • Mediation Sessions – My mediation sessions are typically two hours long. Virtual Mediation uses technology such as telephone conference calls, email and the internet to manage the process. Your location or that of your spouse is not relevant.

    Depending on the issues involved, we may solve the entire case in one session or only focus on the most time-critical matters. At the end of the first session we discuss plans and costs for future services. Each person independently communicates with me their decision about whether they want to continue with mediation. If both parties do, then I bill them for the next session, they pay the retainer and we schedule it. Fees are typically much lower than the traditional divorce process, possibly saving you thousands of dollars.

  • Gathering Information – In the meantime, the parties may need to organize data for some aspects of their case. This might involve disclosing documentation and other background data to one another (if they have not already done so) as to current values of their assets (value of cars, homes, and retirement accounts), credit card balances, mortgage amounts, and so forth.

  • Creating Documents – At some point, the parties decide to file the legal paperwork for a divorce. They may have already filed it, they may decide to file the papers themselves or they may ask me to help them. Again, my services are a la carte. If we file the papers, when they are returned by the Court, I serve both parties and that commences the “interlocutory” six-month waiting period before a divorce can become final.

    Likewise, at some point the parties come to an agreement on all major items needed for an uncontested divorce. They may ask me to memorialize their agreement (commonly known as a Marital Settlement Agreement or MSA) or they may decide to write it up themselves. Once the MSA is drafted, each party has an opportunity to review it and, if they choose, to have an independent attorney review it as well. They communicate their questions and suggestions to me and to one another. We then come up with a final version of their MSA that satisfies both parties as to clarity and accuracy regarding the terms of their agreement.

  • Court Approval – At some point, the other legal paperwork for an uncontested divorce gets drafted and circulated via electronically so that they can sign it and return it to me. I then compile all of this with the MSA and submit it to the Court for the Judge to approve it.

    From this point forward, all that remains is for the legally mandated waiting period to pass and the divorce is final. You would never need to appear in Court.

Read What Clients Have Said
About My Virtual Mediation Process

I would definitely recommend you to anyone going through a divorce. You made the transition of the end of our long term marriage go smoothly….you were very helpful in all our questions and issues we couldn’t deal with on our own.
In my divorce, my ex had moved out of state and we used John as our mediator via phone and email. He did a very good job at helping us maintain progress on a number of complex issues that needed to be resolved so that we ended things amicably and fairly.
Laura H.
With John’s skillful mediation and diligence, we quickly moved through the final stages of our divorce process; support, house buyout, visitation and so forth, We had a final agreement reviewed and signed within 3 weeks of retaining John’s services.
B. R.
John Butler is a professional mediator who I trust completely. Two women in my life who are very dear personal friends were attempting to negotiate divorce settlements with their spouses. Each situation included a great deal of emotional turmoil, the litigation costs were staggering and the situation had reached an ugly stalemate.
Mitch S.
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